Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Curmudgeons unite!

Or maybe it should be subtitled, "Why Mensans have less fun"...

Personality predictors of intelligence change from younger to older adulthood
An ability to be open to new situations may predict intelligence earlier in life, says a new study, but disagreeableness may predict intelligence later in life.

Wait. It gets better:
In the cognitively superior older group, who outperformed both the cognitively comparable older adults and the younger adults on every ability tested, “agreeableness was found to have a contrary relationship with general knowledge suggesting that a disagreeable nature may go hand in hand with better vocabulary and knowledge retention in older age,” said Baker. This result supports previous research that suggests that those who are highly intelligent may be more aloof and independent.

Cranky? You may be smarter than you think

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Blogger David Wilson said...

you say you have known some brilliant minds - i have not known any directly, but the two i know most about, Northrop Frye & Harold Coxeter, were both pretty well adjusted (and not hirsute), not that this is intended even to suggest a tendency

good on ya! for the note on curmudgeons

be well.

8/26/2006 07:14:00 AM  

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