Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tangled Bank #59 coming here August 2

The Tangled Bank -- as you probably know -- is a blog carnival -- a showcase for science bloggers to display their best work. The 59th edition will be hosted right here on Wednesday August 2.

If you're a science blogger who'd like to participate, take a look at the Tangled Bank home page for general information and access to previous editions. You may submit either your own work, or especially good writing you've come across elsewhere online. To nominate an article for inclusion here, send email to with the words "Tangled Bank" in the subject line.

In general, only one article per author will be accepted, or a set of related short articles. But you may offer several unrelated articles for the editor to choose among. The management reserves the right to decline submissions that do not fit the criteria explained at the Tangled Bank information page. But don't be shy. If you're not sure, send your suggestions in anyhow.

Don't forget to include the full URL of each article, and a sentence or two telling what it's about.

Deadline for receipt of submissions will be 9 pm EDT, Tuesday, August 1, but it will be greatly appreciated if you don't wait till the last minute.


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