Thursday, March 09, 2006

Environmental satellite cutbacks

I was going to post about this, but SusanG at Daily Kos beat me to it. I don't move very fast. But it's all good, because she made the points I would have -- and now I don't need to.

The main point is this:

Oh, goody! A twofer! Bush can now claim that global warming doesn't exist because it hasn't been observed or measured AND with a few years of defunding, he (or his Rove-ordained successor) won't be bothered with pesky, alarmist NOAA reports predicting unimaginable devastation. No more silly questions about why he ignored evidence, because there won't be any evidence to ignore. The U.S. simply won't fund it.

Amazing isn't it? They constantly pull off these totally obvious dirty tricks -- and hardly anyone pays attention.

Who ever thought it would be so easy to get away with setting up a 1984-style dictatorship in the U. S.? With such an abundance of news media and information dissemination capability around?

But it turns out to be so easy. Just overload the information channels (owned by huge corporations that depend on manipulating the public's view of "reality") with disinformation and entertaining irrelevance, while choking off valid information at the source -- and lying vigorously whenever necessary.

It's a snap.

Just for the record, here's the original news item:

Budgets Imperil Environmental Satellites
Budget cuts and poor management may be jeopardizing the future of our eyes in orbit America's fleet of environmental satellites, vital tools for forecasting hurricanes, protecting water supplies and predicting global warming.

"The system of environmental satellites is at risk of collapse," said Richard A. Anthes, president of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. "Every year that goes by without the system being addressed is a problem."

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