Sunday, March 08, 2009

The war continues . . .

The war against science, that is. Waged by followers of certain religious and political ideologies. Aided and abetted by a populace which has little or no interest in what science is or how it works – but likes to take sides anyhow, regardless of their lack of information on the many issues.

Here's a good, brief summary of the current state of play, from Earle Holland:

The war continues . . .
Ultimately, science is an easy target. Inherent in its practice is its openness to critiques. The “facts” of science will always be corrected, changed, modified, enhanced and altered over time as our understanding improves. Opponents of science recognize this and use it to their advantage.

Researchers and research institutions need to understand this sad truth, and prepare accordingly.

If you need any more evidence about this, just read some of the comments to his post. What's amazing to me is that people who have the same uninformed, radio-talk-show-level opinions on the hot-button issues also have the time to read and comment on a blog like Earle's, but (apparently) not enough time to actually learn some of the relevant science.

Also be sure to have a look at this posting at The Scientist's community BBS, McCain twitters against science. Nonsense from a failed political candidate who has been ignorant about most issues involving science, and much else besides. Does he believe his own nonsense? Silly question. He demonstrated in his campaign failing memory of his own positions on various issues, or even regarding how many homes he owns. But he does know what his political party's base wants to hear...

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