Saturday, May 03, 2008

Special issue of General Relativity and Gravitation on dark energy

Speaking of astrophysical theories that still have many skeptics, how about dark energy? Whatever your opinion of the theory, here's a real treasure trove of information – a whole issue of the journal General Relativity and Gravitation, and all the articles are available for free. But for how long I don't know, so better go get it now:

General Relativity and Gravitation: Special issue on dark energy

From the introduction:
General Relativity and Gravitation has put together a special issue on “dark energy” in cosmology, because it is a major challenge to gravitational physics and actually to all of theoretical physics. We look at the observational side (the astrophysical data for dark energy and alternative explanations of that data), phenomenological models for dark energy and possible tests of these models, and the quantum gravity side (why do we expect a very large cosmological constant? what are the possible explanations of why it is small?). The idea is not to pursue one particular approach to this important problem, but rather to produce a survey of significant approaches that have been taken as regards each of its aspects.

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