Thursday, October 11, 2007

The religious right has it wrong

As usual.

Just about everyone except the RR knows this, of course. But here are some recent scientific findings that document the falsity of some common claims of the RR.

Children Of Lesbian Couples Are Doing Well, Study Finds
A study of families in the Netherlands indicates that children raised by lesbian couples “do not differ in well being or child adjustment compared with their counterparts in heterosexual-parent families.”

Doctor-aided Suicide: No Slippery Slope, Study Finds
Contrary to arguments by critics, a University of Utah-led study found that legalizing physician-assisted suicide in Oregon and the Netherlands did not result in a disproportionate number of deaths among the elderly, poor, women, minorities, uninsured, minors, chronically ill, less educated or psychiatric patients.

More: here, here

Legal Status Doesn't Deter Abortion
Women are just as likely to get an abortion in countries where it is outlawed as they are in countries where it is legal, according to research published Friday.

In a study examining abortion trends from 1995 to 2003, experts also found that abortion rates are virtually equal in rich and poor countries, and that half of all abortions worldwide are unsafe.

(So legality has no effect on the frequency of abortion; it only makes it safer.)

More: here, here, here

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