Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holiday gifts for science folks

Sorry to mention these so late, but I just came across this site – Bathsheba Sculpture – from a talented artist. I won't violate the artist's copyright by putting some pictures here or hotlink them – just have a look at the site. The artist, Bathsheba Grossman, does sculptures of mathematical forms using 3D printing technology, and also creates images laser-etched inside glass. The technology is quite interesting too.

For folks who are more into biology than math, the artist also does protein models etched in glass, shown at her other site: Crystal Protein. If you happen to have a PDB code for a favorite protein of yours, you can even get a custom model made.

I don't know whether Bathsheba's work is unique, as I'm not very familiar with the art world. All I can say is that I'd certainly feel proud to give this kind of gift, or surprised and fortunate to receive such.

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