Wednesday, December 21, 2005

ID now means "It's Dead"

Well, we can hope so, anyhow.

For a summary of the wholesale fraud that "intelligent design" proponents in Dover, PA were attempting, see

"Evolution Teaches Nothing But Lies," And Other Dover Facts
The Dover Defendants, as well as the entire ID community, are exposed now as the religious zealots they are. No more hiding behind "scientific" theories or claims of benign motives. No, Judge Jones has ripped off their shroud and exposed them as irrational, conniving, manipulative people with no respect for that venerable principle of separation of church and state.

His opinion leaves no doubt that ID is creationism. Moreover, with a great recitation of ID's history, he proves that the "ID movement" is a calculated attempt to relabel creationism in order to bypass the establishment clause. In short, Judge Jones has exposed ID for what it is: a sham by religious fundamentalists to obliterate the separation between church and state.


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