Friday, September 09, 2005

Caloric restriction and aging in humans

If correct, this is going to be disappointing to a lot of people who've been starving themselves in hopes of living significantly longer...

Caloric Restriction Won't Dramatically Extend Life Span In Humans
"Our message is that suffering years of misery to remain super-skinny is not going to have a big payoff in terms of a longer life," said UCLA evolutionary biologist John Phelan. "I once heard someone say caloric restriction may not make you live forever, but it sure would seem like it. Try to maintain a healthy body weight, but don't deprive yourself of all pleasure. Moderation appears to be a more sensible solution."

The excitement over the possibility of extending lifespan by reducing caloric intake is based largely on animal experiments, especially with mice. But mathematical models that compare longevity and caloric intake in humans suggest it won't work nearly so well for us.
Their mathematical model shows that people who consume the most calories have a shorter life span, and that if people severely restrict their calories over their lifetimes, their life span increases by between 3 percent and 7 percent -- far less than the 20-plus years some have hoped could be achieved by drastic caloric restriction. [Phelan] considers the 3 percent figure more likely than the 7 percent.

If you find this depressing, you might consider consoling yourself by a quick trip to the store for a box of donuts...

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Blogger Sowmya said...

you have a very nice blog here. i visit often.
about the current post - i dont think anyone is going to be happy while starving. so whats the point in living longer if you are not happy?? so i am going for the donuts.

9/10/2005 12:06:00 PM  

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